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Summer Camp Information Now Posted!

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Grants for Homeowners

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Foundations pledge $1m to repair Philadelphia rowhouses



The Healthy Rowhouse Project has announced that it has received nearly $1 million in grants to fund a three-year project to create new programs to repair the homes of low-income renters and homeowners in Philadelphia. The grants include $820,228 from Oak Foundation for the first three years of the project and $175,000 from The Barra Foundation.


The funding will enable the Project to hire an Executive Director who will be tasked with developing the policy, financing, and business models required to provide home repairs at scale, improve the health of Philadelphians, and preserve critical affordable housing. As the initiative progresses, the goal is to equip for-profit and nonprofit service providers with the resources and tools they need to assist 5,000 households each year.


“There are government and non-profit partners providing home repairs in Philadelphia, but the need so outstrips the demand that wait lists are four or more years long, and thousands of Philadelphians are forced to live in substandard housing,” said Karen Black, co-founder of The Healthy Rowhouse Project. “Healthy Rowhouse is devoted to the idea of using creative financing to extend home repair help to thousands more Philadelphians each year.”


“Rowhouses are an extraordinary asset and allow Philadelphia to offer homeownership to a higher share of low-income households than almost any city in the country, but these homes are deteriorating faster than their owners can repair them,” said Kiki Bolender, the Project’s co-founder. “In many cases, the homes are making residents sick.”


In Philadelphia, where 70 percent of all housing units are rowhouses and 75 percent of those homes are over 50 years old, deteriorating rowhouses create financial burden and health issues for residents. One example is a leaking roof, which if left in disrepair because a homeowner cannot afford to fix it can lead to a host of problems including mildew, mold, lead paint and pests, and can create or perpetuate health conditions like asthma and lead poisoning in vulnerable populations.


“We’re talking about roughly $10,000 in repairs per home, but the benefits of maintaining these homes are extraordinary,” said Bolender. “Families are able to stay in homes they have had for generations, the culture of our neighborhoods remains strong, and residents miss fewer days of work and school.”


In its first year, the Healthy Rowhouse Project will address the following goals:


Determine how many Philadelphia homes need repairs that the owners cannot afford and how many substandard homes are making their residents sick,

Research all existing home repair programs across the country to determine how to bring home repairs to scale,

Identify financing to pay for the repair of 5,000 homes per year,

Work collaboratively with experts and stakeholders in the fields of health, housing, community development and planning to achieve project goals, and

Work with potential customers and determine what kind of assistance is needed.

To learn more about the Healthy Rowhouse Project, click here


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What are your kids doing this summer? If the answer is a "not sure yet", then consider registering them for one of our summer camps!

All of our locations offer a summer camp program for children of all ages. Each camp will have weekly themes, such as Beach Week, Pirate Week, Aloha! Hawaii Week, etc. and activities to follow these themes. Because each center is unique, each camp will have slightly different themes and activities planned out.

Click on the "more" tab in the navigation bar to check out summer camp information at each daycare center. And of course, you can always call any of the centers to find out more information!


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Dear Parents.

With Pre-K graduation just around the corner on June 20 we are getting ready for our summer camp starting July 7th.

Graduating from Pre-K class into Kindergarten is a milestone in your and your child's life.The transition may be hard for both sides.It is important to talk to your child about the changes and him/her beind a "big kid" and a "serious" student.

Listed below are some books that may help explaining the transition:

  • I am too absolutely small for school by Lauren Child
  • Look out kindergarten,here I come by Nancy L .Carlson
  • Mama,don't go by Harry Horse
  • My first day of school by Nancy L Skarmes
  • My Kindergarten by Rosemary Wells
  • School Bus by Donald Crews
  • The night before kindergarten by Natasha Wing.
There are also some website where parents can seek aswers:
With the transition in mind, lets jump right into summer for an endless fun.Please refere to July and August calendars of events

Philadelphia Science Festival

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Hello all, long time no see!

This week is Science Festival week in Philadelphia running from April 26th to May 3rd. As society becomes more science-driven and technologically advanced, it is more important than ever that we introduce our children to science at an early age.

The Philadelphia Science Festival includes tons of free and low-cost events geared towards introducing young children and adults alike to the wonderful world of science. Check out their website for some of the events that they offer. Some examples of events below:

  • Science Night at the Ballpark, April 29th. $20, $8 discount with code.
  • Fox Chase Library Neighborhood Science After School, April 30th
  • Cure You or Kill You: 19th Century Medical Science & Quackery, May 1st, $10 tickets

and TONS more!

Link to the website:

Link to calendar:

New Website + Facebook!

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Dear Parents,

As you can see, we have updated our website. We have also updated the event calendar and the registration forms available for downloading.

Also, don't forget to like us on Facebook! We will be posting daily/weekly updates and reminders, as well as the occasional fun photo. It is a great way to stay updated and closer to us. Stay tuned for more updates.

Our Facebook:

Don't forget, our back to school night is coming up very soon on August 29th!

-The Children's Place Preschool